Leaves From Our Tree
Welcome to my world of genealogy along with a few other odd & ends. I have been researching
my family tree since about 1990. What began as a hobby quickly became an addiction.  My
passion comes from a deep desire to learn about family and relatives who came before me.
Not only did relationships with the past attract me, new ones bought just as much satisfaction I
have met new cousins along the way and made many new friends. With the help of a
new-found cousin, Anita, and endless hours of research, I was able to become a member of
Daughter's of the American Revolution, a great honor for me.
I cannot take credit for all the information found on this website because there
have been some wonderful people willing to share their information and documents. I want to
thank the volunteer's from other states & counties who have taken the time to track down
documents for me. Too many contributed to mention here, but you know who you are. Please
know you are most appreciated!
Please do not steal the work of others from this site without asking permission from the
rightful owner. Furthermore a true  genealogist has an honorable code of ethics and will give
credit where credit is due.
So, pull up a chair and browse my site. You will also see that I love a variety of graphics on my
website! Please feel free to e-mail me with any corrections, connections or just to chat!  
Please don't forget to sign my guest book. I would really like to know you were here!
Bailey of NC
Bar/Bare/Bearfield of NC, SC & TN
Blalock/Blaylock of GA & NC
Chance of NC & TN
Craig of Marion Co., IL & Buncombe, McDowell Counties, NC
Henson/Hinson of GA, NC, SC & VA
Ingle of Buncombe & McDowell Counties, NC
McAlester/McAlister, FINLEY of VA
Norwood, THOMAS & Ward, ELIZABETH of GA, NC & SC
Pack of Buncombe & McDowell Counties, NC
Roberson/Robinson of Cherokee Co., NC
Award Page
Research Books I Own
Cemetery Surveys by Nikki, Rose & friends - Cherokee
Co., NC & surrounding Counties. A great site for folks
researching these area's.
They have done a fantastic job
and I can't express the appreciation enough!!!!!!
Some Partial Buncombe Co., NC Marriages
Some Partial Buncombe Co., NC Deaths
Some Partial Haywood Co., NC Burials
Charter Members of Spring Hill Baptist Church -Haywood Co., NC
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